Choose a hair curler: top of the best for curling

Soon is the eighth of March, and if you have not yet chosen a gift for your woman, pay attention to Best Rotating Curling Irons. We compiled a guide on how to choose a hair curler, and collected seven of the best models.

How to choose a hair curler

Modern curling irons will help to make any hairstyle with curls or lush curls - the main thing is to choose a good device that is ideal for the type of hair. We will talk about the main parameters of these device sand help you find the best model.

Pluck manufacturers

There are so many popular brands that it is almost impossible to remember everything. Most of the models on the Russian market arefrom BaByliss, Braun, Rowenta, Philips and Ga.Ma. Budget options are Polarisand Skarlett. All of these manufacturers can be considered tested and reliable- of course, if you comply with the operating conditions of the device.

How hair curler works

Oddly enough, but the principle of operation of the plok has hardly changed since their appearance. This is all the same device, which consists of a pen and metal tongs with a heating element inside. In contact with a hot roller, the hair is fixed in the right position - this is how curls turn out. In modern models, there is an adjustment of the heating temperature,a display for controlling the modes, and even the functions of ionization and steam humidification - when steam is supplied to the curls during laying.

Types of hair pads

There are two main types of forceps on the market: cylindrical and conical. As the name implies, in the first type the working surface is made in the form of a cylinder, and in the second - in the form of a cone. The principle of work is the same for them, but the curls are different - with cylindrical forceps, curls curl with the same diameter along the entire length of the hair, and with conical ones they taper to the ends.

The conical shape of the forceps helps to make more natural curls, but in practice the difference is not noticeable, since during the day the curls will still straighten a little and will lie freely.

Also, automatic curling irons - the so-called autocarlers,which do not need to be wound by hand, are gaining popularity recently. They themselves pull the hair into the compartment with a heating element, turning curls into neat curls.

The curlers of the device are more expensive than classic pads, but much easier to manage. Typically, they can control the heating and curling time of one strand. Many users note that it is possible to make styling with an autocarler much faster than with a regular curling iron - even your hand will not have time to get tired while holding the device.

Power and heating temperature

The more powerful the curling iron, the faster and stronger it heats up. The average power of home tongs is 30-60 watts. Professional models have a capacity of up to 130 watts. If you have dark or dense hair,choose a forceps more powerful, if light or colored - you can buy a low-power device.

It is very good if the heating temperature is regulated at the curling iron - this will help to curl curls gently and use one device for different types of hair. For thin, dyed and damaged, it is recommended to set no more than 80 degrees, for healthy fair hair - up to 100 degrees, and for dark and thick - up to 180.